• In the interest of ‘fairness’, restricted medal/level syllabus is to be adhered to and only ONE candidate per couple will be judged (except in specified ‘couples’ events)


  • All Ability events are for individuals who may experience any difficulties such as a physical, emotional, behavioural or learning disability or impairment that causes a person to require additional or specialised service or accommodations


  • A decision to split male/female, boy/girl competitors will be made upon receipt of entries. 


  • Adult and Masters events will be combined if there are less than 4 entries in an event.


  • All Girls events may be combined depending upon entries


  • Events (eg; Masters) may be split into age groups depending upon the number of entries


  • Partnering of competitors are not limited to Professionals


  • Former registered competitors and Level ‘O’ qualified dancers may not compete in single events but may partner candidates


  • Parent & Child events must be a parent with their own child


  • Teams Match events will be allocated a TEAM number and may not use the studio principal number or an allocated competitor number

No costumes please – day wear only!




  • JUVENILE - A person who has not yet reached their 13th birthday

  • JUNIOR - A person who has not yet reached their 16th birthday

  • ADULT - A person between 16 and 34 years of age

  • MASTERS - A person who has reached their 35th birthday

  • BRONZE  | SILVER  | GOLD - Medallist syllabus levels including; Bar | Star | Crest