What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the outcomes of an individual application for qualification credits. (RPL Meaning as defined by the AQF)


Who is eligible for RPL

If you have current or recent experience working in an industry area or occupation relevant to the qualification you may apply for recognition.


You must be able to show proof of current or recent experience within the last two years in the relevant industry area and in some cases you may be eligible to complete the qualification without undertaking additional formal study or training.


For some qualifications there may be the opportunity to undertake a challenge test to demonstrate your skills or you may also have developed valuable skills by working for a community or voluntary organisation, or through other life experiences such as hobbies, sport and leisure activities and this experience can also be considered for recognition.


If you already have formal qualifications gained overseas, from a TAFE, university, school or another training organisation that may be relevant to the qualification you wish to achieve, you can apply for recognition.

The Association (A.I.D) assessors will carefully consider them in the recognition process.



The benefits of applying for recognition

If you choose to achieve your qualification through recognition you are given credit for what you already know and can demonstrate which will reduce your formal training time.

Depending on your skills, experience and knowledge, and the evidence you are able to provide, it is possible to gain recognition for the full qualification.

The extent to which you reduce your training time will vary according to whether you are able to achieve a full qualification through a recognition process.


Do I need formal qualifications to apply

If you haven’t done a formal course such as a Certificate or Diploma, the experiences and skills learnt through a job can also be assessed, as well as any other non- formal learning.


As a general rule some of the following documentation and evidence may be considered:


  • Work history and a description of responsibilities

  • Certificates and training as well as workshops taken part in

  • Courses (non-formal) such as first aid etc

  • Performance appraisals

  • Licences: working with children etc

  • Membership to Associations and the member criteria

  • References from previous employers

  • Volunteer work

  • Internships

  • Other documents that showcase your skills and experience

Please contact us if you require further information by sending your query to: secretary@aiddance.org.au