January 2019

Dance Posture-a different perspective


February 2019

The 4 Latin Leads

Paso Doble

March 2019

Unlocking high performance with better posture

Tango (Ballroom)

April 2019

Stay True to Yourself and to the Dance – William Pino


May 2019

Dancing in your head

Viennese Waltz

June 2019

The 7 C’s of Basic Dance Technique

Jive (part 1)

July 2019

The 3 Types of ‘Swing’

Jive (part 2)

August 2019

The Three Types of Sway


September 2019

Ballroom & Latin Styles – Friends or Enemies?

Cha Cha

October 2019

Dance Techniques with No Shortcuts


November 2019

Fixing basic errors in Cha Cha

Bossa Nova

December 2019

Spiral Action Technique


January 2020

5 ways to sabotage your dance progress


February 2020

Musicality and Phrasing

(Australian) New Vogue

March 2020

Inside and Outside of Turns


April 2020

The 3 Types of Rise

Tango (Argentine)

May 2020

Why should you take dance classes


June 2020

Offering hope in a broken world - Pierre Dulaine

'East Coast' Swing

July 2020

Lead and Follow


August 2020

Latin Dance Footwork

'West Coast' Swing

September 2020

Ballroom Dancing as Your Fitness Program


October 2020

Why Beginner Classes are good for ALL dancers


November 2020

East vs. West Coast Swing - What's the Difference?

American Smooth

December 2020

4 Reasons why cool dudes don't dance


January 2021

5 Ways to communicate better in partner dancing

American Rhythm

February 2021

Back-Leading: What is it and how Leaders deal with it


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