Everybody can dance...

When you're getting started and looking for dancing lessons, selecting a dance instructor or studio can be a confusing experience.

Lessons in social dance are a fun, healthy activity for everyone and lessons in competitive ballroom dancing (DanceSport) are not only fun but also physically and mentally challenging. 

To help you find a professional teacher/coach or studio that will work with you and your goals consider starting by using the questions below as a basis for your decision:


Is the Instructor qualified to teach you

Only trained professional instructors hold a certification to teach.


Is the instructor’s teaching schedule compatible with your time availability?

Make sure the instructor’s hours can fit your schedule.

Does the instructor help you to set realistic goals without promising unattainable results?

A professional will help you set goals you can reasonably achieve.

Does the instructor exhibit good listening skills and communicate well?

If your instructor doesn’t listen to what you want or communicate effectively, they will not be able to meet your needs or provide positive reinforcement.

If competition dancing (DanceSport) is your goal, does the instructor participate in performance and/or competitive teaching and, if not, will they furnish a list of recommended instructors for your further advancement?

A truly professional instructor will be one who is qualified, who motivates and insures that you can accomplish your desired goals.


To get you started and assist you in your search  for a qualified professional teacher/coach or studio, feel free to start here on our AID Members page.