2021 | A.I.D Events

Annual General Meeting | Sunday 7th February 

Royal Park Hall (corner of Vincent Street)

180 Charles Street, North Perth, 6005


Blue Riband Championship |  Sunday 14th March


Annual DanceSport Championship | Sunday 1st August



Rising Star Championship | Sunday 14th November


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2020 | West Australian Events Calendar

DSWA Mandurah Championships | Sunday 1st March

AID Blue Riband Championship | Sunday 15th March 

DMIA March Pageant | Sunday 22th March

ADS Great Western Championship | Sunday 5th April 

ADB Combined Studio Event | Sunday 19th April 

DMIA Metropolitan Championship | Sunday 3rd May

ADS Medallist Festival | Sunday 17th May

DMIA Fremantle Championship | Sunday 7th June

ADS Night of Stars Championship | Saturday 20th June 

ADB Combined Studio Event | Sunday 5th July 

AID Annual DanceSport Championship | Sunday 26th July 

DMIA Dance Pageant | TBA

DMIA Star Championship | Sunday 23rd August

Perth Ballroom Challenge | Sunday 6th September

ADB Indian Pacific International Dance Festival | Sunday 13th September 

ADS Medallist Festival | Sunday 10th October

DSWA WA OPEN Championship | Sunday 24th October

ADB Mandurah Dance Festival | Sunday 8th November

AID Rising Star Championship | Sunday 15th November

ADS Golden West Championship | Sunday 29th November

DMIA WA State Medallist Dance Pageant | Sunday 6th December