• All dancers wishing to compete as a 'Teacher' must hold at least an Assistant DanceSport Instructor accreditation in any of the three styles


  • Competitors in Individual Recreational competitions must be partnered by a non-accredited dancer currently registered with DSA


  • To assist in programming Individual and Teacher & Recreational events will be run at the same time, therefore competitors must select one or the other


  • All Recreational and Teacher/Student events will be run at Competition Status


  • Under 21 may dance Adult OPEN events but not Adult Graded events


  • C Grade couples may dance in B Grade events


  • OPEN events are eligible to all A, B & C Grade couples


  • All Ability events are for individuals who may experience any difficulties such as physical, emotional, behavioural or learning disability or impairment that causes a person to require additional or specialised service or accommodations


  • This Event is registered with DanceSport Australia and will be conducted under its Rules